Friday, February 12, 2010

My second favorite holiday

I've been noticing that in recent years, and much to my dismay, Halloween's popularity has increased rapidly.

I especially noticed it this year, when I stumbled upon more than one blog whose writer claimed that Halloween was her favorite holiday.

Well, I'm calling you out, liar. Christmas is your favorite holiday. If you have a soul and love joy and Christianity more than a holiday with little to no intrinsic value, then Christmas is your favorite holiday. Unless of course it's so incredibly obvious that Christmas is pretty much everyone's favorite holiday that you don't even feel the need to rank it amongst the other holidays.

Which is weird, but ok.

Halloween can be your second favorite holiday... I guess. But personally, I don't understand how it can be with a day like Valentine's Day around!

I. Love. Valentine's. Dallin said the other day that it was "my" holiday. I was kind of questioning it at the time, but he's totally right.

Let's think about it: Love. Chocolate. Roses. The color pink.

Need I go on? Those are like, my most favorite things in this world.

Throw in the fact that The Precious and I spent our first full day together on Valentine's Day (click here for the story if you haven't read it...seriously) and you have the recipe for the second best darn holiday there is.

I'm not sure what we are doing for Valentine's this year. I guess it's a surprise...and Dallin is the master of perfect surprises. Probably not something too extravagant though...we're, um, poor. But you know what? If I've got a hunky guy to snuggle with and tell me he loves me, Valentine's is pretty much a success.

I think it'll be a great weekend.


  1. This world needs more romantics like you two.

  2. I have talked to Ryan about the Halloween craze a few times because it has me completely baffled. A holiday surrounding death and other grossness? No thanks. But Valentines Day? I am all about the love...and the chocolate.


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