Monday, June 21, 2010

Pore War

Ever since I started worrying about my skin, I've had issues with my pores.

They suck. Enough said.

After many negotiations and treaty attempts, I am officially declaring war on my pores. NO MORE, I say!

So, I'm looking for advice on how to clear/shrink pores. I'll take anything from simple home remedies to product recommendations. If it's worked for you or someone you know or someone you've heard of, I'm probably willing to try it.


(Cyber fist-bump of thanks)


  1. I get a...maybe 65% success rate from the Biore pore strips, the ones you put on your nose and let dry and then pull off and oggle the tiny goo spots. You're allowed to do them once a week at the most, but I never keep up that consistently. Maybe it would help :P

    Two of my friends have also recently touted the wonders of that new face wash that comes with a scrubby pad in the bottle that you pop out and stick on your fingers. I think the commercial uses the green one.

    Let me know!

  2. Go to and buy purity and hope in a jar. It made my skin flawless!! Your blog is too cute!!


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