Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Which one do I focus on?

A few nights ago, there was a bug in our bedroom. I have no idea what kind of bug it was, but I know it was stuck in the large trash bag full of stuff that needed to be transferred to the attic but was currently sitting next to our dresser. I also know that it could fly. Every once in a while, I would hear the little vibration of its wings beating against the plastic, just trying to find an escape route that would allow it to viciously attack me.


Dallin was asleep. I didn't want to wake him up, but I also didn't want to (a) not be able to sleep because of the occasional wing flutters, and/or (b) give the bug enough time to free himself (or herself) from the bag and relocate herself (or himself) to my face. The following conversation ensued.

K: Dallin? ... Dallin? .... Dallin?
D: Hm?
K: Oh good, you're up.
D: Hm.
K: Will you do me a favor?
D: Hm?
K: Will you take that bag into the extra room?
D: ...
K: There's a bug in there. I can hear it. It's trying to get out. I can't sleep!
D: (Flips over to go back to sleep)
K: Please?
D: ...
K: ...
B (for Bug): Flutter flutter buzz buzz flutter flutter
K: Did you hear that?
D: No.
K: Please?
D: (gets up and walks over to the bag) Can it fly?
K: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. That's why I'm worried about it.
D: (pokes and shakes the bag, then picks it up and moves it, then comes back to bed)
K: Thank you.
D: No problem.

Contrast that awesomeness to what I just experienced, not 15 minutes ago.

Yesterday, I brought home two Sprinkles cupcakes from my shopping trip in Scottsdale. We ate devoured the red velvet cupcake of deliciousness last night, leaving the peanut butter chip cupcake of deliciousness for today. I decided I wanted my share, so I cut it in half and set it on a plate, at which point, Dallin came into the kitchen. I turned around for a second, and when I turned back to my cupcake, there was a chunk missing from it.

D: Mm...that's good!
K: Oh - do you want your half now?
D: No, I want your half now. I'll take my half later.

I guess I should focus on his "get out of bed at midnight to move a trapped bug" quality rather than his cupcake snatching tendencies.

But I think I'll take a bite of "his half" of the cupcake anyway.


  1. Ha ha! I miss hanging out with/seeing you guys.

  2. LOVE this post. That rundown with the bug is exactly EXACTLY what happens with Ryan and I. It takes about 15 minutes for me to get him coherent enough to take care of the said bug, but he always rescues me from a potential big-in-face experience.

    BUT - fair is fair. So take a bite, sista!


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