Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I Love Flag Day

When I was little, I remember making a conscious effort to use the green crayon fairly often.

Green was not my favorite color. Pink was my favorite color.

But I felt bad for liking pink and not green. I figured green crayons probably didn't get used very often, and that made me sad. I pitied the green crayon. So I tried to use it more than I was naturally inclined to.

To me, Flag Day is the green crayon of holidays. It kind of seems like it should be a big deal, since flags and grass are everywhere. But it sort of just gets forgotten amongst all the other "major" holidays that steal all the attention and leave us with pink trees.

You get what I'm saying? Me neither.

Anyway, sometime in my adolescence, I decided that I was going to love Flag Day.

So, come June 14, I celebrate the good old Stars and Stripes.

And so does my offspring. Observe:

She loves Flag Day too!

We didn't do anything super special to celebrate this super special day. Maybe because it was on a Monday. Maybe because it was on a particularly busy Monday. I don't know. But the lack of outward expression was made up for by the surplus of inward devotion and pride we felt for our grand old flag! I even sang some patriotic songs to Maddy in the car. You'd better believe it. (Fun fact: I love patriotic music.)

Did you celebrate Flag Day? I forgive you, if you didn't. Just don't forget next year! Maybe we'll have a Flag Day party next year. Now that sounds incredibly awesome.

p.s. Flag Day also marked Maddy's 7 month birthday. Whoa. She's getting more mobile everyday, and I'm just waiting for a tooth or two to break through. I'll be sure to keep you posted, since I know you care SO MUCH about my baby's teeth.

p.p.s. If you don't actually care SO MUCH about my baby's teeth, that's okay. Just don't forget about Flag Day next year, and we'll still be friends.


  1. I'm there for you, Katie. For Flag Day I made the kids red, white, and blue fruit kabobs. Blueberries, raspberries and marshmallows. Yay for Flag Day!

  2. your posts always make me smile! And I care about Maddy's teeth! So make sure to update on them :-)

  3. I didn't do anything special for flag day but I always remember the day. If that makes sense. As I remember the flag day I am also reminded that is my friends birthday in elementary school. So happy birthday Susan you are now 34.

  4. Baha! That makes me laugh. The Scouts put a flag in our yard that day and we couldn't figure out why...tee hee. Do I get points for accidentally celebrating the special day?


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