Friday, July 29, 2011


I swear this just happened. 2 minutes ago.

Dallin: So are you going to have a baby tonight?

Katie: Um...I don't know. It's possible!

D: Do we need to go for a walk or something?

K: (...)Would you like me to have the baby tonight?

D: Well, it's gotta be either tonight or Wednesday.

K: Wednesday?

D: Yeah, Monday and Tuesday are pretty busy.

***Side note: I'm pretty sure he was at least partially serious about this. Side note over.***

K: Oh. Well, what do you think?

D: Up to you!

K: You want me to decide whether or not we have a baby tonight?

D: Yeah, I guess. Are we going to eat?

K: Not if we're going to put me into labor.

D: Hm. Well, whatever!

You should know that I've been having fairly regular and frequent contractions for the past couple of days. You should also know that today was my last day of student teaching. Which means I'm done with (the hard part of) school. Hip hip freaking hooray.

So...I guess only time will tell if we decide to have our baby tonight. I'd probably rather have her decide on her own, but you know...whatever.

Love you, Dallin. Hurry home.


  1. He must be related to his dad. "You can have D'Nae any day but Wednesday because that when I have science lab." She was born on Wednesday. Congratulations on making it through school!!!


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