Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Short hair days are here again

About 5 days ago, I decided I wanted to chop my hair off.

When I decide I want to cut my hair, I want to cut my hair RIGHT AWAY. It was very hard for me to not run out and stop at the first salon I saw and get a haircut. True story.

To avoid ridicule (not to mention a rash decision) I somehow held out for a few days. I debated cutting my hair, knowing (knowing) that I would want it long again before too long.

But the more I looked at pictures of cute, short hairstyles...
and the more I came to realize just how hot 115 degrees actually is...
and the more I thought about how much time I don't want to spend styling my hair every morning (first for student teaching and then with two kids)...
the more I realized...

I wanted short hair. Coveted it, really. And since coveting isn't healthy for anyone, well, I found a salon that had good reviews on Yelp (p.s. Do you use Yelp? Please start. Thanks.), found out they took walk-ins, and walked in before I could change my mind.

I'm so so glad I did.


It feels so good. It's amazing.

It's the shortest I've ever gone with my hair. I contemplated something even shorter for a while, but then decided I should see how I feel about "short" before committing to "super short."

I'm loving it for now! Hopefully it will be a while before I start longing for long, luscious locks. Maybe once the temperature drops below 100.

So you know, like, November.


  1. WOW!!! I love it! You look beautiful!

  2. I love your hair! Funny, we were following your car into the neighborhood wondering if it was you. I saw the short hair and thought it was someone else!


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