Monday, January 2, 2012

35 Things: 2012 List

Just in case you weren't quite sick enough of all the "35 Things" related's another one.

But don't worry, this will be the last one for a while.

I do want to keep track on my progress on my blog, but wouldn't you say that the monthly updates are maybe a bit much? I'm thinking bi-monthly. But be warned - if I start slacking because I'm not keeping close enough track of my progress, I might go back to updating every month. And I'd better warn you - there are certainly NO other female 20-something married-with-kids LDS bloggers out there, so you'll be stuck reading my blog even if it does become "35 Things" city. Tough beans.

All right, friends, enough chit chat. Here's my list of 35 things to do in 2012:

1. read the Old Testament (the only standard work I've never read the whole way through)
2. re-memorize all scripture masteries (including references)
3. learn to play all the hymns in the hymn book on the piano (comfortably; I figure I've already got 100 or so (out of 300) under my belt)
4. have one month when I go to the temple weekly
6. read at least 3 articles in every Ensign (embarrassingly enough, a considerable improvement on my current reading of this awesome publication)

Home (lots in this category; did my home get neglected last year?)
7. deep clean the dishwasher (much needed)
8. redecorate the guest bathroom
9. decorate/organize the office/playroom
10. organize memory boxes (I have several that I need to condense/organize)
11. clean out junk drawers in the kitchen
12. create a cleaning calendar
13. clean master closet
14. clean tupperware cabinet (also the bottle/Scentsy/candy/medicine cabinet. Yes, we have a candy stash in our house.)
15. finish Maddy's room
16. never go to bed with a dirty kitchen for a month
17. clean off the "clutter desk" at least twice a month
18. get a fireproof/waterproof safe

27. potty train Madelyn 
28. organize family folder

19. invest in the stock market (I have a set amount, but don't think I'll share it here)
20. pay off at least (again, set amount that I'm not sharing) of student loans
21. Have a month-long spending freeze (not buying clothes, makeup, books, apps, etc., anything that isn't absolutely necessary)

22. build food storage (3 month supply)
23. make baby food
24. make a pie from scratch (never done this!)
25. make a week's worth of freezer meals
26. don't drink soda for 1 month (seriously debated this one. It's definitely hard for me, which probably means it's good for me. Fizz-free February, anyone?)

29. learn all the rules of NCAA football (I have a pretty good start on this, but I don't really know all the details)
30. read 32 books (I figure this is totally realistic if I don't take another 2 month hiatus)
31. be completely punctual for a month (yikes)
32. write at least 4 blog posts a month (usually happens naturally, but not all the time!)
33. color my hair
34. donate to DI (felt SO good last year; must be done again, especially with all the cleaning out I'm doing)
35. give a homemade gift (I'm sorry in advance if it comes your way)

So there you have it. I'm really excited for 2012. This list is going to keep me busy, I can tell. But it's gonna be great! 


  1. Katie,
    This 35 things has inspired me so much. I have been thinking about my 35 things, and am almost ready to post them to my blog for accountability. You know how that is. I liked many of yours that I might find a few of them on my list too. hooray for 2012 and new starts.

  2. Oh, I know how it is, for sure. Making it public means you're much more likely to do it, in my opinion. Can't wait to see what you came up with!

  3. Hard core! I'm excited for you, and I don't mind monthly updates.

  4. I like em too. On a side note, we have a cupboard in the kitchen devoted soley(sp?) to candy and treats! I have a spend free month on mine already but think I'll add making baby food to mine too.

  5. love your goals Katie! Count me and Chase in for fizz-free February! I wrote that on our goal sheet and accidentally wrote "frizz"-free February! Haha blonde moment. Chase's mom just taught me how to make homemade pie crust and pie that is SO delicious! Pie making party maybe? thanks for sharing your goals!

  6. Katie- Have you heard of the book "Baby-Led Weaning" Kyle has had no "baby food" and life has been fabulous. It's so much easier- I think you'd like it.

    PS- I love your lists. They are inspiring and motivating- as are you!


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