Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love - week 3





15. Long, hot showers. A cold shower is depressing, and a short one is stressful. (BTW - this is my showerhead; I figured it was the best thing to take a picture of for this one.

16. Disneyland! My love of this place is deep and true.

17. My amazing, crazy, supportive, fun, generally awesome family.

18. Dr. Pepper. Looking forward to our sweet reunion on March 1. I've honestly done pretty well without it this month, but I do miss it.

19. My church. Gives me direction, purpose, and joy. Seriously, I love my church.

20. Jeans. I wear jeans pretty much every day. Because they're awesome.

21. Shopping. And yes, that includes grocery shopping. I actually really like grocery shopping. (Yes, it is a little better when I don't have to take the girls). And I love other kinds of shopping, too. I don't discriminate.

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