Monday, April 5, 2010

Did you feel that?

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?

I didn't. But apparently, I could have.

I was upstairs at my parents' house with two of my sisters and my cousin Cathy. All of the sudden, Cathy says she feels like she's moving! Um...yeah, right, Cathy. Then my sister says she feels it too. Um...yeah, right, Sister.

But then, we look around the room. The open door is swaying on its hinges, some flowers are vibrating in a vase, and from my vantage point, I can see the dining room chandelier swinging!

What the...?

So Cathy Googles (yeah, it's a verb too) to see if there were any earthquakes close by. Sure enough, the big one that hit Baja California had happened just a few minutes before.

I still didn't believe that that was what had happened. I was totally in denial. I earthquake? In Arizona? Psh! I had no idea what I thought had happened to make everything in the house move like that...but I refused to believe it was an earthquake. Until, of course, it became pretty clear that many people had felt it, and that that earthquake was indeed strong enough to reach us a bit!

I think I denied it so much because any and all natural disasters SCARE ALL THAT IS HOLY OUT OF ME, so I didn't want to think I could be affected by such nonsense in Arizona. Obviously, the quake didn't do any damage to us or anything even near us...but it was still enough to freak me out.

I'm such a wimp.

And I'm never moving.

Also, I'm not pregnant. Seriously, people. The title of the post was April Fools! I thought I was being obvious. But um, I guess that makes it more fun. :)

Very also, we got some cute-errific pictures of Madelyn in a lovely Easter dress that I'll be sure to share with you once I finish several other important things, including homework, cleaning, shopping, and food storaging so my family will survive Arizona's next shakedown. So stay tuned! Hope you all had a splendid Easter!

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  1. Are you really food storaging? If so, you must tell me about it. I am needing to get on that and don't know where to start. Also, I'm sorry I thought you really might be pregnant. I'm just a trusting person, okay! And I didn't feel a quake either, and will just forget about it because I live in AZ to avoid all that natural disaster stuff.


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