Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Milk and Cereal

We added a new component to Maddy girl's diet a few days ago: rice cereal! Woot!

While it's kind of weird for me to even call it cereal since it's recommended to mix a lot of breastmilk into it for the first few feedings...so I feel like I'm just spoon feeding her milk...I think she definitely notices something different.

Rice cereal is also a great fashion accessory.
And...here are some more cute pictures, because they're adorable.

As soon as I get the good Easter pictures from my mom, you'll get to look at those too.

Consider yourself lucky. I know I do!


  1. Okay, she is the cutest!!! At least for a few more weeks until mine is born :) But where do you buy those thick headbands??? I've looked everywhere and can only find really skinny ones and I think the thicker ones are cuter. I already have a bunch of big flowers and bows that I could clip onto them. I just need the headband :)

  2. She looks happy to try new food!


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