Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you've been reading my blog for a while (thanks, by the way) you might remember the post where I complained about my baby torturing my sciatic nerve.

Well gosh darn these babies of mine, they must be siblings.

The only thing is...the pain I'm having right now seems much more characteristic of sciatica than what I had with Madelyn. More "shooting" and down my legs into my feet. So I'm thinking either I just totally forgot what it felt like the first time, or only one of these pains was/is actually sciatic nerve pain and the other was/is something else entirely. Or maybe it just manifests itself in different ways at different times? Who knows?

Either way, I go to bed pretty much every night with some yucky back pains. And sometimes they stick around for some morning fun, too.

I just got an awesome pregnancy pillow called a Snoogle. Snoogle's main purpose is to help me with this back pain. Snoogle does a pretty good job at it. Snoogle's secondary purpose is to allow me to say it's name as many times as possible, since Snoogle is a pretty awesome word.

But really, there's only so much Snoogle can do. So I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have any helpful hints for sciatic pain? Other than what my doc told me, which was to not stand for long periods of time and to not bend over a lot...but my TODDLER sorta kinda makes both of those things hard. So if something worked for you, let me know.


For your trouble, here's a lil picture of me and baby girl after 30+ weeks together:


She's looking better than I am. Also, the picture is in black and white for a reason. Yikes, skin. Yikes.


  1. I had a friend who had that really bad. I remember that she was told to go swimming a lot. I don't know the reason why, but I know that she was in the pool each day and also saw a chiropractor for it too.

  2. I have silently followed your blog for a long time. I strongly suggest Chiropractic. Being married to one saved me a lot of pain through five pregnancies. It works.

  3. CHIROPRACTOR! I wouldn't have made it through either pregnancy if it weren't for going to one!

  4. You are so cute! And your little girl! Adorable. I hope you guys are doing good!


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