Sunday, June 26, 2011


I thought I'd take today to throw out some random, possibly fun facts about our family into the void of the Internet. You know, so you can know the "real" us. Or something.


Dallin is the strangest mix of "picky eater" and "eater of anything" I've ever met. If you ask him if he likes tomatoes, he'll say no. But if he gets something at a restaurant and he forgets to ask that the tomatoes be left out (and I forget to remind him) he'll just eat them. He's also willing to try lots of different things (e.g. calamari the other night...gag me). It's nice because he'll eat pretty much whatever I put on the table...with a few exceptions (cough...PEAS...cough).


Sticking with the food/drink theme, I'm so, so picky about what I drink - especially the temperature of it. If it is a drink that is supposed to be cold (which to me basically means any drink that isn't supposed to be hot) then it has to be REALLY cold. REALLY cold. Kinda cool is not okay. I mean, I'll drink it, sure...but I can't promise I'll like it. I probably won't. A little ridiculous, I know...but that's me.


Moving completely away from the food/drink theme, Maddy girl is so into bubbles (bo-bos) right now. She seriously loves them. We got her a little bubble machine for her bathtub and it's pretty much the only thing that gets her into the bathtub nowadays. She used to love the bath, but not so much anymore. Anyway, we filmed a little movie of her playing with her bubbles in the bathtub, and watching it has become her favorite thing to do on the iPad.

So hey, there's some lil tidbits about us. Fun, right? Right.

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  1. I am the same way about my drinks! I drink way more Dr. Pepper than I probably should, but I just CAN'T drink it hot. Or warm. Or even luke warm. [Lots of] ice cubes? Yes please.


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