Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Breakfast

I've really never been much of a breakfast person.

I really like breakfast foods, but I'm usually just not hungry in the morning (exception = pregnancy).

But, my breakfast loving hubby suggested that we have a big breakfast together every Saturday, so now it's a nice lil family tradition that we've all grown to love.

A lot of times we end up just making a more special breakfast at home. FYI, "more special" pretty much means more than cereal or yogurt. You know, like stuff you actually have to cook.

But sometimes, when we're feeling particularly cool or lazy or rich or something, we go to IHOP. We love IHOP. Especially Dallin.

***Side note: We do not love the IHOP at Val Vista and Baseline. Stay away from that IHOP at all costs, friends. Side note over***

Today was an IHOP day. And we're pretty glad it was.

In an attempt to be an all-around cooler person, I made sure to take our camera to IHOP. Now, I don't know if it's because our camera isn't especially awesome or what (p.s. it isn't)...but this is the only decent picture I have:


It might also have something to do with the fact that once our food arrived, I was very much in "get in my belly" mode.

Which the food promptly did. Which was very kind of it.


  1. My heavens Maddy is ad-or-able!! Well done Harrises! Can't wait to meet adorableness #2!

  2. I agree. Anything other than cereal is fancy. :)


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