Monday, June 6, 2011

T-Minus 9 Weeks

Here is a little pregnancy update, since today marks 31 weeks:

-Two words: back pain. I think I've already complained enough about this.

-Ultrasound tomorrow. We've had a lot a lot of ultrasounds this pregnancy, thanks to a cyst that has made it's home on the placenta. Don't worry - so far, it's just something to "keep an eye on," but not something to be concerned about. Well, not something you should be concerned about, but try explaining that to an expectant mother who you keep sending to a specialist to have level 2 ultrasounds done. Yeah, doesn't work. But every ultrasound has shown that baby is growing normally and that everything looks great...other than that unwelcome blob.

-I'm feeling huge. I swear I was this big when I delivered Maddy. Blegh.

-The third trimester brings a whole new meaning to "morning sickness." It's more of a I-need-to-pee-but-am-also-so-stiff-that-I-feel-like-I'd-fall-apart-if-I-moved kind of morning sickness. It's made for some rough mornings.

-Speaking of needing to pee, do I? Yes. All the time.

-No swelling. Have I ever mentioned that swelling is like, my biggest pregnancy fear? I know it happens to most women, and they just deal with it an move on. And I'm sure I would do that too, if it were to happen to me...but I'm still terrified of it. And as of yet, it hasn't come out to torture me. Knock on wood.

-This little girl can MOVE. Seriously, she's all over the place. Good thing she's coming after Maddy, because if Maddy was second, I probably would have worried that she didn't move enough. This is one active lil chica.

-Also, I think we have a name. Yep, I'm pretty sure. Maybe not ready to announce it on the blog sure...but pretty sure. And as of right now, I totally love it.

So there's a quick update for ya. I'd include a picture but...didn't I just put one up a few days ago? Yeah. So maybe next week. We'll see how huge I'm feeling.


  1. Dear Katie, I understand you might feel huge. But let me tell you, you are so NOT huge (for being 31 weeks pregnant).

    We were just talking about you and your non-hugeness the other day. It goes like this. You see Katie from the backside. "Oh there's Katie!" she turns- "Wait, is Katie pregnant?" "I'm not sure." "We'll ask her sister/mom." "Yes, Katie's due tomorrow."
    So NOT huge. Just so you know.

  2. I agree. You are silly--you're still pretty dang small. Yucky for the cyst but at least you get more peeks at your little girl. I'm excited to hear your name. :)


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