Thursday, June 9, 2011

4 things that made today magical


Today was National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. True story. We love us some strawberry rhubarb 'round these parts, so I ordered some goodness from Village Inn. We had some friends over to help us eat it...which is good considering the four of us still only made it through half the pie.

Also, I didn't take any pictures. Because I'm non-awesome like that.


I have been drooling over the Blue and White collection at Target for a while now. Yep, that's how classy I am: I drool over things at Target. Anyway, I have also been going to Target a lot lately in preparation for Flag Day.

Today, I was at a not-my-usual Target looking for Flag Day things, and I saw the Blue and White collection - on clearance. Like, half off clearance. 5 seconds later, my cart and my heart were full. THEN later, I had to go to my usual Target because not-my-usual Target did not have sufficient Flag Day supplies, and lo and behold, the Blue and White stuff was not on clearance. Or even little sale. At all.

I know! Magical, right?!


I found a swimsuit. I've discovered that many difficult problems that arise in the maternity wardrobe department (e.g. jeans, swimsuits) are best solved by just getting non-maternity type stuff in a size up. That is what my new swimsuit is. And it is grand.


So many errands. So much driving. Such a hot day. ALL SHADED PARKING SPOTS. No, seriously, I parked in like 5-6 different parking lots today and got shaded spots in all of them. You'd be amazed at the difference the shade makes! It's nice to not feel like I'm putting Maddy in an oven when I put her in her car seat. So nice. Note to self: hold out for the shady spots whenever possible.

And that, ladies and gents, makes for one magical Thursday.


  1. katie, wow you had a great magical day. I made strawberry pie last night. I must have been tunned into the stars b/c I didn't even know that there was such a wonderful day like Strawberry Rhubarb pie day. I hope my strawberry pie still counts b/c mine was just strawberry.

  2. That is magical. You got me getting ready for flag day. We have a flag, but no pole or other pieces. After a trip to Mom and Dad's we have a pole and now just need the holder do-hicky. Glad you could get us on the ball!


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